By Makara grows thanks to you

By Makara

By Makara is developing at its own pace, taking the time to create a brand that resembles its two creators.

Our development aims to be sustainable, respecting as much as possible the impact on our planet, while creating a brand that dares to use colours, cottons and timeless items that awaken your senses such as sight and touch.

Each fabric is carefully chosen, each colour has a meaning and we take the time to create collections that are true to our values.

A Women's Story

As By Makara is now offered online, the choice of our photographer is very important.

Her sensitivity, her look, her perception of our work must retranscribe our enthusiasm as well as our values and put forward the By Makara collection.

Through his photos you must guess the softness of our fabrics, the subtlety of the colours, the sensitivity of our approach and have the desire to discover our universe and our collection.

This is how we introduce Fatma Lastrucci, photographer and set designer who has been an essential collaborator in our adventure since we met her.

Fatma introduces herself:

"My name is Fatma Lastrucci, I am a photographer and set designer.

 My speciality is storytelling (narrative photography) which consists in telling visual stories through photography.

I work in several sectors: decoration, fashion, portraiture, culinary, architecture, events... and this is what I like most about my job: each professional project is a new experience, each encounter is unique!

 When I set up my own business, I made it a priority to work with brands, entrepreneurs and designers who are passionate about what they do and, above all, who advocate ethical and eco-friendly values. I have a lot of respect for these people and every day I wake up for this beautiful motivation: to accompany them to highlight their unique products or reveal the potential of their authentic know-how!

This has been the case with my wonderful experience with By Makara.

By Makara is indeed a timeless adventure, made of beautiful encounters, collaborations that are part of the duration to make this beautiful project live.


To find Fatma's work, click here.

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