Becoming Parents



Becoming a Parent


Parenthoodis the biggest thing that can happen to us.

It is an event that will influence you for the rest of your life.

Parenthood changes everything, and not just because there is a little person in your life all of a sudden.

love someone more than ourselves, be more responsible than we ever imagined and feel stronger emotions than we ever thought possible.

parenthood can be stressful at times, but it is an incredibly rewarding journey.


Parenthood is vast and deep.


It's an emotion we can't really understand until it overwhelms us.

We think we know what "parenting" means, but it's not until we hold our own newborn baby in our arms for the first time that we understand that we're in for an incredible adventure.

Parenthood is vast and deep.


It encompasses so many different things.

There will be the joys, challenges and responsibilities that come with raising children.

We will have to learn to share our lives with others, to understand each other better than ever.

We will feel that we have done something incomparable in our lives.


Parenthood should bring us closer together as a couple, working together to meet the challenges of our new family.

We should be proud of our achievements as parents and their achievements as people...


For our greatest challenge in becoming parents will not be to live through our children what we ourselves have failed or not achieved, but above all to bring them to be themselves and to build their lives. Our children must be themselves, we must help them to become adults who are proud of their choices, proud of their success.


But let's face it, we are all going to improvise this wonderful role of a lifetime.


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