Swaddles: baby's essentials


By Makara


But how to use it?

Small square of absorbent fabric in multiple sizes, a swaddle is a must for our babies' trousseau.

🌿 Do you know its many uses?

At By Makara, the swaddle is used more than once!

🍼 Bib

🚼 Changing table protection

👶 Small baby blanket

🤱🏾 Protecting and covering your breast while breastfeeding

👅 Protecting the shoulder from regurgitation

🧸 Teddy

There are many other uses depending on the imagination and the situation, how do you use it?

🌱Environmental considerations

🐰 Before all this, the swaddle was used for generations to swaddle the baby's bottom until the arrival of disposable nappies.

 But now, for ecological reasons, swaddle are once again being used as cloth nappies and also for swaddling babies.

What is swaddling ?

💤  It involves wrapping baby in a swaddling cloth more or less tightly around his body in order to soothe the crying, to relieve colic and promote sleep.
❗Critics of this method will say that it violates the freedom of movement of babies. Others will point to the risk of hip dislocation.
In any case, swaddling should be reserved for sleep phases and should not be practiced beyond the baby's2-3 months.
➡️ Do not hesitate to ask your midwife to show you how to do it!

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