By Makara - Who Are We ?

By Makara

By Makara, an adventure as unexpected as it is rich in emotions.

By Makara is above all a family project for the family, a project imagined, designed and created by women for women.


It's a family project that brings together mother and daughter, driven by the same love of beauty, generosity and both eager to support an ancestral Indian art that is organic, sustainable and respectful of the planet.


The family is a birth, it is the welcoming of a child. It is this marvellous moment that By Makara wishes to honour, both to celebrate the coming of this little being, and to honour the woman who brings him into the world.


In our first chapter we decided to offer the basics of a baby's trousseau, in gift sets or individually, but also in your custom gift boxes.

As we go along, our range will be enriched with new ideas born from our imagination and creativity, but also, we hope, from the needs you will have expressed.


Each piece in our collection is a tribute to the inherent strength of every woman.

Women change the world, follow their hearts, live their dreams. We are those women.


Each piece in our collection will always have as a priority respect for the environment, respect and support for our craftsmen, and the preservation of the planet before any notion of profit-seeking.


By Makara reveals itself to you, for you and will grow thanks to you.

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