An Image Professional Talks About Us

By Makara


"My name is Fatma Lastrucci, I am a photographer and set designer.

I was lucky enough to be asked by this beautiful brand By Makara to photograph their textile products for babies, in a genre called Lifestyle, which consists in representing scenes of life.

What a pleasure to work with people who deeply believe in their brand by claiming a unique and committed textile creation to privilege these moments of well-being of newborns and their mums.

On the day of the shoot, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome and dedication of everyone, despite the summer heat of Saint-Tropez but also the unpredictable attitude of the baby models, something I was confronted with for the first time.

Behind the scenes, I was lucky enough to be assisted by everyone and we formed a great team.

Moreover, thanks to the perfect natural light and an idyllic location, I had the chance to immortalise sweet moments between the mothers and their babies, it was really nice to work in this atmosphere of pure "cuteness"!

It was a unique experience that I am proud of and I will definitely do it again for future collections! " 

Thank you Fatma for your testimony, your sensitivity, your investment in us, simply for your work.

The adventure has just begun!

Find Fatma's work here:

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